Derry Gaol

After morning there comes the evening
And after evening another day
And after old love there comes a new love
It is hard to keep those who will not stay
My love he is the finest young man
That ever nature framed or sun shone on
But how to save him, I do not know it
For he is sentenced all to be hung

As he walked out on the streets of Derry
I’m sure he marched out right manfully
Being much more like some commanding officer
Than one to hang upon the gallows tree
But the very first step he put on the gallows
His blooming colour began to fade
And with bitter crying and tender sighing
“Is there no releasement from Derry Gaol?”

Where is my love, she is so long coming
And what detains her so long from me?
Or does she think it some shame or scandal
For to see me hang upon the gallows tree?
Well he looked around and he saw her coming
She was riding faster than the wind
“Stand back, stand back you false prosecutors
For I bear releasement all from the King”
And I made them see they may not hang you
And I'll crown my love, all in a gown of green

Trad, arr T Ashworth