"A vibrant new voice-to-watch on the folk scene" - FROOTS

English folksinger & bassist, performing stripped back arrangements of traditional songs on voice and acoustic bass guitar.


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My second EP Hollow is available now on digital download or limited edition CD on bandcamp.

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My debut EP Everybody's Gone To The Rapture - is available on digital download from bandcamp (limited edition CDs SOLD OUT)

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December 14th Yuletide Celebration @ The Foundling Museum, London TICKETS

February 9th Royal Traditions @ The Royal Hotel, Dungworth, Sheffield TICKETS

February 20th Album Showcase (w/ Nicola Beazley) @ Cecil Sharp House, London TICKETS

March 30th Toy Museum Folk Club (w/ Iona Fyfe), Brighton TICKETS

April 5th Big Comfy Bookshop, Coventry TICKETS


Past shows

November 30th The Goose Is Out @ The Ivy House, London (w/ Chris Wood)

November 28th What's Cookin', London

September 27th Folkroom By Sea, Brighton

September 26th Folkroom Fortnightly @ The Harrison, London

September 22nd Mill Race Folk Club, Bedford (w/ Jack Sharp)

August 25th Shambala Festival

August 19th Purbeck Valley Folk Festival

August 6th Sidmouth Folk Week (evening w/Stick In The Wheel)

August 6th Sidmouth Folk Week (daytime w/ Plastikes Karikles)

July 21st Summer Westival @ West End Centre, Aldershot

July 13th The Ram Club, Thames Ditton (w/ Heidi Talbot & John McCusker)

July 4th St Michael's Folk Evening, St Albans

June 30th Folk On The Quay, Poole

June 3rd Jaz & Jul's, London

June 8th Home Farm Festival, Somerset

May 18th St George's Church (Brighton Festival), Brighton (w/ Lankum)

April 6th Grayshott Folk Club, Grayshott (w/ Connla)

March 21st D3W3, Alton

March 12th Green Note Cafe, London (w/ Allison Sleator)

February 1st Folkroom By Sea, Village, Brighton


December 20th Southbank Centre, London (w/ Alice Zawadzki)

December 19th The Old Church Stoke Newington, London (w/ Lisa Knapp)

November 19th Newington Green Chapel, London

November 8th Green Note Cafe, London (w/ Harrow Fair)

October 17th Milestones Museum, Basingstoke

September 16th Sark Roots Festival, Channel Islands

September 13th Folkroom Fortnightly @ The Harrison, London (w/ Kirsty Merryn)

July 28th Cambridge Folk Festival

June 25th Leigh Folk Festival, Leigh On Sea

June 25th Made in East Village, London (w/ You Are Wolf)

June 21st Folkroom Fortnightly @ The Harrison, London

June 16th Lost Horizons @ Birkbeck Tavern, London

June 9th Small Is Beautiful Festival, Machynylleth (w/ Ewan McLennan)

May 26th & 28th Alderney Performing Arts Festival, Channel Islands

May 3rd The Unseen Hour (live podcast recording) @ Rosemary Branch, London (podcast episode here)

April 8th Grinagog Festival, Torquay

March 18th Winemakers Club, London (w/John Langan

February 26th Vault Festival @ Vaults Theatre, London (w/Samantha Whates)

February 5th Sunday Sessions @ Union Chapel, London (w/ Dana Immanuel)

January 25th What's Cookin', London (w/ Miranda Mulholland)

January 18th Folkroom Fortnightly @ The Harrison, London


November 16th What's Cookin', London

October 20th West End Centre, Aldershot (w/ Lynched) REVIEW


‘…like a modern day Martin Carthy’ - Folk Radio UK

'Adventurous, exciting, and highly effective.' - FRoots

'..perhaps Thom Ashworth is in the vanguard of a new generation of protest singers.' - Folk Radio UK

"My favourite EP of the year... it's innovative, it's subtle, it's atmospheric, it merits a much bigger stage." - Mike Brocken, Folkscene BBC Merseyside

'Once you’ve heard him, you won’t forget that superb tenor voice or the unique sound the tracks on this EP have to offer.' - Folk Radio UK

'...exceedingly skilful use of stripped back accompaniments, eliciting maximum musical and atmospheric impact...His interpretation of Tyne of Harrow is moving in its honesty and simplicity, which belies a carefully constructed arrangement with vocals, bass and percussion building atmosphere and pathos into this tale.' - Bright Young Folk

'...ends in striking style with a dark, minimal and spooked version of Sidney Carter’s ominous anti-war protest song ‘Crow On The Cradle’ - Folking.com

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