‘…a measured voice, finely judged delivery and an ability to take everyday phrases and rejuvenate them in the context of lyrics that are at once political and contemporary, yet eternal and unconfined. That is the magic of the very best folk music.’ – ★★★★ Songlines

‘Head Canon is unafraid, unashamedly a folk album, blending the new and innovative with the traditional, and I get the feeling that followers of folk music will be talking about it decades from now.’ - Fatea

‘…great songs, and a burst of old-school English folk-rock added in. Excellent!’ - Robin Denselow

‘His early releases always crackled with the promise that Ashworth’s debut album was going to prove something special. The promise is fulfilled.’ -

‘…like a modern day Martin Carthy’ - Folk Radio UK

"Spell-bindingly good" - Greg Russell, BBC Sheffield

'Adventurous, exciting, and highly effective.' - FRoots

'..perhaps Thom Ashworth is in the vanguard of a new generation of protest singers.' - Folk Radio UK

"My favourite EP of the year... it's innovative, it's subtle, it's atmospheric, it merits a much bigger stage." - Mike Brocken, Folkscene BBC Merseyside

'Once you’ve heard him, you won’t forget that superb tenor voice or the unique sound the tracks on this EP have to offer.' - Folk Radio UK

'...exceedingly skilful use of stripped back accompaniments, eliciting maximum musical and atmospheric impact...His interpretation of Tyne of Harrow is moving in its honesty and simplicity, which belies a carefully constructed arrangement with vocals, bass and percussion building atmosphere and pathos into this tale.' - Bright Young Folk

'...ends in striking style with a dark, minimal and spooked version of Sidney Carter’s ominous anti-war protest song ‘Crow On The Cradle’ -