A (shudder) provocation?

I'm putting this here not as a piece of work because, self evidently, it isn't. It's a worldbuilding picking list. If I was a more visual person, I'd make a Pinterest board.

I don't know what I'm making yet. It might be a collection of short stories. It might be a tabletop RPG. It might be a Twine game. Or maybe it's a pile of flavour text around a capital-W-Work I'll never make. I figure putting it here, in the world in this small way, is a way of holding myself to it, keeping my head in this game.

Whatever. Here it is. A list of ideas/mashups/thought experiments that might grow into a thing:


  • Post scarcity/post capitalist feudalism
  • How do power structures work without money (or the threat of violence)?  
  • Magical anarcho-syndicalism 
  • What if Shadowrun, but after the fall of capitalism? 
  • What if solarpunk but aliens?  
  • Post post apocalypse
  • What if War Of The Worlds but the aliens won a pyrrhic victory?
  • What if Embassytown but embedded/not othered
  • "Time & space died yesterday. We are living in the absolute, since we have already created the eternal, omnipresent speed" - Marinetti
  • Where is the alienness/body horror?
  • What would John Carpenter do?
  • What stops magical hegemony becoming mage-rule?
  • What if the Uplift series but magic?
  • Pastoral/provincial 
  • How do we feel where ? How do I communicate a sense of place?
  • Insubstantial landscapes
  • Bog/marsh/swamp/fen
  • Snow fields seen from the air
  •  "Draw maps, leave blank spaces" - Adam Koebel/Sage LaTorra, Dungeon World
  • Industrial revolution factory villages
  • Personhood in robots/constructs
  • Golems
  • John Murray Spear & 'New Motive Power' 
  •  "My alignment is reddit atheist" - Nick Scratch, Friends At The Table
  • The Mingling (Proper Nouns)
  • What if Vurt but not virtual
  • “Machine with the strength of a hundred men can’t feed and clothe my children, can’t greet a sailor coming in, or know of desperation”   - Lisa O'Neill, Rock The Machine
  • What are the verbs? 
  • What are your pronouns? Ke/Kin/Ken