Gris - Don't spend it all at once!

I've never experienced this before with a game. Nomada studio's newly released experience platformer Gris is visually stunning. The soundtrack is minimal and meditative. The gameplay is slow and safe. I love it.

So I've just stopped playing.

I've never been a release day guy before, and I suppose this quietly beautiful game wasn't an obvious place to start. But having avoided reading anything about it beyond the Nintendo eShop write up, coming to it free of hype, not knowing what to expect, turned out to pay dividends on that small investment of trust. After the first hour, dozens of screenshots later, I forced myself to put it down. It's like a mug of hot chocolate; one I'm sipping slowly, for fear it'll run out.


I hope the sense of loss and isolation it evokes continues, but that it's eventually addressed. I hope that each colour and ability I unlock changes the game in a way that is subtle but satisfying. I hope that this paragraph isn't turning into Morgan Freeman's monologue at the end of The Shawshank Redemption. I'm just crossing my fingers that I get to carry on this lovely journey for a few hours more. What a gorgeous game.