One Second Everyday - March 2017


  • Snippets of song from Radie Peat, Nicola Kearey (Stick in the Wheel), Martin Carthy and Gabby Young
  • 12 beers (see if you can spot them all)
  • 2 homecooked curries
  • 1 magical disappearing Sam Lee
  • The phenomenal drumming of Jamie Drumcat Murray
  • A roaring fire on a clear night in the middle of nowhere in Oxfordshire
  • and a whole lot of noise making on phones, computers, basses, and a psaltery

All in all - a solid month, despite missing a couple of days thanks to a broken phone.

It's also been a month of getting nice things said about my EP in the folk press - thanks very much FRUK and Bright Young Folk for their reviews. I've just written my set list for Grinagog Festival this Saturday in Torquay - looking forward to hearing unamplified instruments the resonant spaces of Torre Abbey!